About Tailor Maid

Who is Tailor Maid?

Cleaning Lady | Tailor MaidWe are a unique service of dedicated and caring professionals that "custom tailor" our services to meet your every need. Only quality, expertise, and personalized attention goes into every service we offer. Whether you need a house sitter, personal assistant, or an extra pair of hands for your party Tailor Maid ensures our services fit your unique needs.

We're Extraordinary!

We employ a customer centric philosophy that ensures everything we do surpasses your expectations. Our goal is to build a personal relationship with you and provide you with the service you not only expect but deserve. We pride ourselves on being available and ready to take any project you may have so that you can rest easy and let us do the heavy lifting.

We're Dependable!

You can be assured we will be there every time as scheduled to perform the home service that you have requested. We are committed to being reliable, efficient, and effective to take care of all your needs. We maintain a proficient client scheduling system that ensures each of our clients receive the best of care and service.

Dedicated to Making Your Life Easier!

The moment you walk through your door, you will know Tailor Maid has been there! Someone who cares about giving you the time you need and want for a more full and relaxing life. Our goal is to provide you with the service you need to help minimize your headache and give you more flexibility, time, and energy to do other things like hitting the gym or going out with your family to explore the beaches.

why choose us

We're Professional!

We carefully screen potential employees and check references. Then, we only select qualified applicants who enjoy working in your home performing all the necessary tasks that you need done.

We Guarantee Quality!

We guarantee that your home will be serviced just the way you like it! At Tailor Maid, the job is only finished when you are completely satisfied. We utilize our 49 Point Checklist to ensure our services are provided with care and professionalism.

We're Bonded & Insured!

We respect the trust you place in Tailor Maid by allowing us to work in your home. That's why we are very careful with your belongings, but it is good to know you are protected against loss and/or breakage that may occur while we are in your home.

We're Professionally Trained!

At Tailor Maid, each of our employees are thoroughly trained by an experienced supervisor that works side by side with them until they have mastered every skill necessary in providing the quality we demand.