Simple Home Cleaning Solutions for Tough Stains

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The most successful stain removal is one that is undertaken immediately after the spill or soil has occurred. Yet in most cases tackling the stain right away is a tough job. Spills that sit overnight or for a long time eventually become very tough and challenging to remove. While you search the internet, you find many things that are able to remove the stain using simple ingredients found in your kitchen. All natural or common household items are usually more safe and reliable than other toxic chemicals. We recommend you utilize these items and products first to help you tackle those stubborn stains. We’ve compiled a few ideas and recommendations from our cleaning specialists employed by our house cleaning Boca Raton.

Always vacuum first. Vacuuming a stain that has dried and sat for longer than 24 hours is a simple step. The power of vacuuming is often understated. Tough stains eventually fade away with regular vacuuming and it is also a good way to maintain heavy traffic areas. Vacuuming provides regular upkeep and removes dust particles from the floor. Often the particles that sit on the surface of your carpet can be easily removed. Once the vacuum cleaner removes surface particles, you are ready to deal with the remnant of the tough stain.

Understand what you are up against. Before you start cleaning with store-bought, heavy-duty cleaning agents, or a simple mixture of home ingredients, it is always wise to first test a small area and confirm which cleaning solution is best for the stain you are up against. Different textures and materials require different modes of cleaning and treatment. Likewise, every stain clings differently. For example wine penetrates more rapidly than blood and sticky substances are easily removed with grease fighting chemicals such as dish-washing soap.

Steam loosens stains quickly. For extremely small areas with tough stains use an iron with a steam application and move it over the stain. The steam loosens up the stain particles upon contact. Once steam is applied, agitate the stain with fingertips, sponge, or cloth rag.

Powerful Cleaning Kitchen Ingredients

Now let's talk about the many items in your kitchen that are available to tackle the toughest stains, and also ideal for cleaning other household areas.

  • Baking soda is a natural deodorizer for your refrigerator. It also cleans and softens water.
  • Biodegradable soap easily cleans anything. It is available in solid, liquid, or powder form.
  • Lemon sanitizes and kills bacteria.
  • Borax has similar properties as baking soda and cleans wallpapers, walls, and floors.
  • White vinegar effectively removes mildew, wax buildup, grease, and odors.
  • Cornstarch cleans carpets, rugs, windows, and polishes furniture as well.

Cleaning Solution Recipes - House Cleaning Boca Raton

Cleaning solutions have many chemicals that are not only harmful for the environment but are not always safe for children or household pets. Simply use the above ingredients and mix homemade solutions for cleaning purposes. They are cost-effective, easy to use, and safe. Ensuring the correct mixtures are made and kept away from children is the first step. You may find varying results but applying more than one application is recommended before trying alternative chemicals.

  • All-purpose solution: Mixing a half of cup of baking soda, water, and vinegar gives you a solution that efficiently removes stains from water deposits in the bathrooms, sinks, and mirrors.
  • Bathroom mold: Using a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide (approximately 3 percent) to two parts water helps tackle the mold build-up in bathrooms. Spray the solution onto the affected area and wait for it to settle in for a half hour before washing it away with warm water.  
  • Carpet stains: Mix a solution with equal parts of water and vinegar. Transfer it into a spray bottle and spray on the stains. Wait for a few minutes to let the solution set in; this will dissolve the stain particles. Then use a sponge or a brush to clean it with warm soapy water.
  • Chopping block: Chopping blocks acquire black stains from use over time. You can simply apply lemon juice over the block and let it sit for several minutes before cleaning it with warm soapy water.
  • Wall stains: Walls can have many stains such as ink spots, crayon, or pencil marks. Clean these tough stains by applying baking soda to a damp sponge and gently rubbing the surface.

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